13 comments on “Mid-Winter Thaw in Colorado

  1. . . . as I look out my window at the blizzard raging outside.

    Is this a recent photo? Yesterday we had temperatures in the 60s, and Monday in the 70s (Monument and CoS). Today, not so much, and while all the snow had melted, it’s back with a vengeance and another blizzard is set to hit next week.

    We’ve learned not to expect spring until the end of May . . . tentatively.

    • I took this photo in February, maybe too soon to think of spring in Colorado. It was beautiful and warm, with everything melting melting. I’m going to change my title to mid-winter thaw. Thanks 😊.

    • A couple of years ago we left for three weeks late January and early February and headed to Florida. The temperatures in the Panhandle where we were staying were in the low 60s . . . pretty nice, we thought, until we checked back here where temperatures were in the 70s.

      Even this year, there have been few weeks I’ve not been able to golf, but these blizzards are always a threat. The good thing is that unless they are back to back (as these might be) the snow does not hang around long. The high percentage of sunny days are one of the many plusses with living here.

      Snow in late May and snow as early as September is one of the negatives.

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