21 comments on “Our Neighborhood Revisited

  1. This is the better color balance, not the yellowish tint. Our eyes can’t see what the camera sensor can record and be brought out in post processing. Less is more, most of these shots tend to be way overdone.

    • I really appreciate you input. After I looked at the yellow for a while, it just didn’t seem right. It is easy to overdo the color and hard to remember what is actually right.

    • Thanks for your input, Hannah. It is amazing how different it can look with different processing. I really makes me appreciate people who are excellent at astrophotography.

    • Thank you very much for your input. I thought it was the shooting that would be difficult, but actually it was the processing. It was a fun experience giving it a try 😊.

  2. Most people have never seen the MW other than in photos. Really, any way you choose to process the photos will be accepted by most viewers.

    This one is pretty good. I’ve yet to live someplace where I could get this kind of shot (too much light pollution).

    • It’s strange when you think about it, not being able to see what’s out there unless you drive a long distance. Hope you will find some dark skies in Hawaii, far from Honolulu.

    • We are far from Honolulu, and Hawaii has regulations about lighting. I should be able to go inland and find places far from any light source.

      When I get a bit more ambition, I might take a shot at the MW.

  3. Fabulous picture! Our skies around here are just too light and with that ever present orange streetlight glow on the horizon. I tried my hand with night/star photography a few years back whilst on holiday in rural Spain – we’re going there again this year so I’ll give it another shot!
    As for which image I prefer – definitely this one. The cool colours seem to work so much better due to the fact that they look less polluted. Is it real or not? Who knows … and at the end of the day it’s the image that counts 🙂

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