12 comments on “Lower Yosemite Falls – Monochrome Madness Challenge 3-10

    • Thanks, Deborah! This one was taken in February, a few years ago. We went up a little past the base of the upper falls, but then it got to icy to continue. I’ve never been in the fall.

      • Isn’t that a neat hike to upper falls. I’ve not made it all the way to the top, but have hiked up pretty far two times. It’s steep in places, and those steps can be huge.
        I can well imagine how icy that path can get; especially in the wet areas. I slipped coming down once on a wet patch. Thankfully I didn’t get hurt!

      • If you do that hike at night in the summer there are wet, and slippery bits, and there are spiders. Pretty big spiders that come out at night and are on the trail everywhere.

        The last time I was up there with a friend; we were shooting the fall at night and scouting/practicing for an upcoming Moon shot. On the way down-well after midnight the spiders were everywhere. It really freaked out my friend who practically ran down the mountain; not screaming but wanting to. I slipped on a wet patch trying to keep up. I had my hiking poles which helped me from getting hurt I believe.
        Poor thing was terrified! πŸ™‚

        It was a bit creepy, but it didn’t freak me out. Just so you know. πŸ™‚

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