24 comments on “Desert Sunset

    • Glad you like it, Deborah! The adventure would have been funny even if I had totally missed the sunset. Well, maybe not so funny if we had gotten stuck in the sand :-).

      • No, that would not have been fun. That reminded me of the time my Dad drove us down a huge Sand Dune in AZ I think and we had a blast playing at the bottom for hours, but getting back up we got stuck in the sand. It seemed everyone there helped us push the car up the hill.

        I was young 8 or 9 yrs old, so the details are vague. I’m going to text my Mom and ask her for the details. Thanks for jarring that memory!

      • Your trip up the sand dune sounds like a fun family outing! Your wanting to ask your mom for details reminds me of an interesting show I saw on TV. It might have been a NOVA, but I’m not positive. Researchers claim that a memory is changed every time it is retrieved similar to pulling up a file on a computer, modifying it, and saving. This is opposed to the old way of thinking of retrieving a memory as pulling a book off of a shelf. I find that fascinating.

      • So, I ended up emailing my mom telling her what I remembered from that adventure. I asked her was I right and would she fill in the details?
        She called me back straight-away.

        Her memory we’ve discovered over the years is even fuzzier than mine, but she did remember more details about this camping week-end b/c it was an unmitigated disaster. Her words not mine. I only remember it being an adventure and fun. 🙂

        We were on our way home from a Yellowstone NP trip and my Dad saw a side road…a dirt road- mind you we were a family of 6 traveling in station wagon. I was about 8 my Mom thinks.

        She can’t remember what lake it was at the bottom of the sand dune mountain, but it was in AZ. No one came to help us dig out of the sand she said. It only us four kids and my parents. Once back on the road I remember another car incident that lead to another adventure that my confirmed.

        It was this week-end that led my parents to purchasing the 4 wheel drive Jeep to camp/off road in on our future adventures.

        I told her I only remembered this stuff because of your post! She said I remembered more of the details than she did which brought back the memories for her.

        She’s always blown away by how much I remember about our lives. We’re only 17.8 years apart my mom and I. I often times feel as if we grew up together.

        If these memories are modified I hope I store them in long term memory so I can retrieve them with the bits and pieces my Mom added today. As we know short term memories aren’t retrieved with the same detail as long term ones. 🙂 With deeply entrenched memories I swear smell returns with the memory!

      • Wow, glad to be of service in jarring memories. It’s so like a mom to think of the “adventue” as an unmitigated disaster. She was probably worried something bad would happen to her children. This makes me think there a fine line between a disaster (of the kind to which your mother was referring) and an adventure. Mother’s excepted, if you make it through, it’s an adventure!

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