22 comments on “Shores of Western Ireland

      • Well, I tried to photograph the Vincent Thomas Bridge at night. Man was that a bust! There is so much security around the port of LA that we couldn’t get anywhere with a clear view. We gave up and went to photograph some industrial smokestacks. My husband got a talking to from a policeman when he was pulled over waiting for my friend and me to take a picture. My friend and I went to his rescue (after taking our shots) and convinced the policeman that we really were photographers and not spies. He got pretty friendly after we told him we had no idea what the industrial plant was. I’ve done some more research and think I know where to go now to shoot the bridge, so I’m going to try again.

      • I was stopped once by “homeland security” where they said if I didn’t stop taking pictures of the navy ship docked that my camera would be confiscated! Unreal! Yet armies of refugees can be let in and our immigration system is lax. Ok maybe that went too far. 😉 Let me know what happens next time! Hopefully I won’t see your mugshot in the post office. LOL

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