19 comments on “Oceanside Pier – Two Views

  1. Both are beautiful! I see you’ve got clouds and overcast skies too. The clouds are lovely in your second Blue Hour image.
    I’m heading that way next week. Taking my Little Man to Legoland. Not sure I’ll get a chance to hang out by the sea or not. Fingers crossed! 🙂

      • Thanks! I know I’ll taking loads of images of #1 Grandson, but I’d love to do some night imaging, but not sure I’ll be able to. Evenings we’re going to meet-up with my son and his fiance…probably won’t have too much time to do anything other than family snaps.

      • Just 3 1/2 years old. He keeps me hoppin’ and teaches me new things everyday! Puuff! I thought I was the teacher here…WRONG! He teaches me to see something new each day.

        Every child is different. I thought being a Mom was the best thing ever until I became a Grandma. Grandmas have powers I never had as a Mom! WOWZA! I’m now hoping I live long enough to be a Great Grandma. IMAGINE THE POWER AND LOVE!!! 3 TIMES!!! I hope. 🙂
        Who knew there was something this wonderful in middle and old age? I didn’t know then what I know now!
        I didn’t have a Grandma so had no clue how special and wonderful they could be to a child.
        My children had Grandma-Grandma. Because of her I got a clue to how special Grandmas are. I’m so thankful for her and miss her so much. Not for me, but for my children. My children miss her more. They could talk to her for hours about everything and nothing. She could guide them and give them advice, and they listened and didn’t feel defensive, belittled, or like she was the enemy. They would ponder her words and know she was someone who loved them, and had their best interest at heart. Totally opposite of how our talks and time spent together goes more times than not…well Baby Girl more so than Big Baby Boy who is moldable and gets that as parents we’re not the enemy.
        Raising children isn’t easy…being a Grandparent is pretty great! It’s worth having kids to get here. I’d do it again. 🙂

        I’m going to stop talking now. 🙂 TMI!!!

      • I have a grandson exactly the same age-
        3 1/2! Was he born in March? That’s nice you are taking him to Legoland. I have another grandson who is 6. They are awesome. I am always going to see them in Colorado, every two or three months. They older one likes photography and we went out on a shoot, just the two of us. He has two hand-me-down cameras and switches between them, depending on the day. He’s almost 7 and pretty smart. Of course I would say that 😊.

      • How cool that your oldest is into photography and you can do that together! I’ve let #1 Grandson use my Bridge camera the Lumix fz200 a few times recently when I was imaging in the backyard. He actually has a few nice compositions he made all by himself.
        I thought about getting him a kids camera, but I think I’d rather teach him on one of mine.

        When he’s a little bigger I’m planning to give him my old D300s and old prime lens. It will be all manual but, I’m starting him there now so it will just be what he knows. 🙂

  2. I used to surf that pier ..in da wee hours of the mornin when the waves were good there before school many many years ago..wow what memories 🙂 seeing this place here ur oceanside pier…also we used to surf all the way down to IB piers..was fun surfing da’ piers 🙂 kewl post! 🙂

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