21 comments on “Victoria Beach and Tower

      • I do, and likely she could. Let me try my hand at it . . .

        Evelyn looked up, a shiver dancing its way up and down her spine. She checked her knife, making sure it held secure. She then began the slow and dangerous climb, hoping no one would see her dark figure inching toward the top window, the one she knew was left unlocked.

        There was no anger left in her, only determination and strength of purpose. Using every ledge, every imperfection of the aging tower, she inched her way up, emptying her mind of all but the task at hand. Twice what looked like a secure ledge turned out to be but crumbling bricks, the salt spray and the wind having eroded their structure. She held fast.

        Halfway up, she rested. She contemplated and reviewed her plan. Gain entry, accomplish her task, and then ensure no one would ever again have to go through what she had endured.

        The distant thunder shook her from her introspection and she resumed her slow climb, reaching the top window just about when her muscles began shaking from the effort. Heaving herself in, she lay on the floor panting. Once her breath had returned, she drew her knife and went to the door. It had been locked from the outside, but only by a simple latch which she lifted by sliding her knife between the frame and the door.

        She carefully made her way downstairs. Upon reaching the front entrance, she took the keys from the peg and unlocked the door. Her elderly mom was on the other side, the first few drops of the coming storm splashing the ground behind her.

        “Come in, mom,” Evelyn said. “This is the third time this month you locked yourself out, you know.”

        “I know, Evelyn, I don’t know what I would do without you,” her mom replied.

        “Well, after the storm passes we’ll go into town and make a couple of duplicate keys. I’ll keep one and we can hide the other outside.”

        . . . and they lived happily ever after.

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