7 comments on “Photo of a Hologram – Monochrome Madness Challenge 3-44

      • Actually, Yugoslavia, Italy, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, and now Hawaii. I’ve also visited most of the states . . . I think 47 to date. Plus, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Romania. I aim to visit a few more if I get the chance.

      • You’ve been to more states than I have. I can think of seven I haven’t been to. I didn’t count Minnesota because I only landed in the airport. My husband counts landing in the airport, but I don’t. It’s a running joke. On the countries, my list would be very long.

      • My wife has all fifty, but she was in an informal competition with her sisters (how I got as many as I did). I have to go with your husband on the Airport bit . . . counts as much as crossing the border, going a quarter mile into the state, and then leaving.

        I’m not big on international travel. Two of those were for family and one was for business. I’d like to visit Japan, China, and Australia, but not sure if that’s gonna happen.

        . . . would love to hitch a ride on a passing spaceship and leave this rock, but that too seems unlikely.

      • A few probes, a couple of medical experiments, and then you coast, living in a display at a galactic zoo.

        . . . it don’t sound too bad . . . also, you get to sling poop at the visitors.

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