25 comments on “Totality

  1. Excuse me for saying this but what an ass (feel free to censor that if necessary) that guy was. Someone like that is just trying to impress someone else. “I’ve seen better”? I think I’ll use that when I go to see Machu Pichu or the pyramids of Egypt. “Oh, I’ve seen better!”

  2. Your “fumbling” is beautiful. What an experience, aside from the dude needing more attention than the sun and moon at that moment. :/ I’m so glad you were able to capture the magic of that moment and share it with us. Thank you.

  3. It’s so beautiful! I wish I was able to travel for this, but wasn’t able to. I photographed the Partial in my backyard. I’m so glad your images came out and you’re sharing it so we can see it.

    • Thank you, Deborah. I went to your blog to see if you had posted any eclipse images. I thought you might have because I remembered your recent sunspot image. We were visiting family in Colorado, so we drove up into the umbra in Wyoming. It was great to see people getting so excited about the sun and the moon. The traffic going back was the worst I’ve ever seen and I’m a Southern Californian!

  4. I’m so jealous. First I experienced a solar eclipse in 1999 – it was amazing. I started my planning for a trip to Oregon about 2 years ago, but half a year later I’ve had to cancel my plans. Now, I’m looking for the next attendable event and have to wait again. congrats!

    • It was actually my husband’s idea to go up to the center of the umbra and he did all the driving. I did all the shooting. He just wanted to look. I hope the next plans you make get you right where you want to be.

    • Thank you, Hannah! I was already visiting family in Colorado. It was onky a three hour drive up into the umbra in Wyoming. It was amazing to see the eclipse. The traffic driving back was also amazing. The same drive took eight hours. A lot of people had the same idea 😊.

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