4 comments on “Outback Sunrise

  1. I recognize the colors of the land and the sky.. very similar to what i’ve experienced while being there. And Kata Tjuta is a magical place for sure!

  2. Oh it’s so beautiful! The ground is so read like the southwest here! I’m so surprised by that. It’s amazing to think that it broke off of the Antarctic. What must the climate have been like a million years+ to create that rich red iron and clay filled soil?
    Just a thought that sprang to my mind seeing that red earth. The composition is lovely. I’d probably have an urge to hike, or drive out to that lone mountain out there.
    They’re always so, so much farther away than they look aren’t they. 🙂

    • Yes, there is nothing reminiscent of the Antarctic climate in the outback. However, it did get very cold at night similar to our deserts. We saw a lot of iron ore mining, but that was in the Pilbara region farther west. There are towns that are pretty much all mining people. We stayed overnight in a couple of them. The mines were outside of the towns. It was very large-scale mining. Glad you like the photo…..more red earth to come :-).

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