16 comments on “Sawn Rocks

    • I thought I might have seen your post and, sure enough, I found it again and remembered seeing your photo of the postpile (and the cute deer) before. I haven’t been to Devil’s Postpile, but would love to. I have been to Devil’s Tower and Fingal’s Cave in Scotland, which have these formations. Amazing that there are so many site around the world, and I read that orbiters have seen them on Mars.

  1. These formations are amazing, Pam. Great photo. So sorry about your mishap…trucker stop vs. resort…😟. It will go down in family history as a good story.

    • Thanks, Jane! It is a funny memory—looking back. It was crazy! We thought, ok we’ll just drop down the the back seat and access the boot that way. But the control for the back seat was in the boot. The boot of that car was built like a vault.

  2. That’s very much like formations I’ve photographed In Yellowstone National Park.

    And, of course, Devil’s Tower is completely formed by such rocks.

      • Here’s one of the areas in Yellowstone:

        June 2015 trip to Wyoming

        As for Hawaii, there are rocks that look a bit like that, but not in large numbers or size. Not saying there aren’t, just none I’ve seen.

        Pretty much, lava. Lava everywhere you look. Some of the older flows show that kind of piping especially where they cut into the rock to make roads, but I don’t know how much of that is due to the construction and if any is due to a natural process.

  3. Oh man, I would have missing AAA’s road service!

    Those formations are so neat. We have some like that in the Eastern Sierras called the Devil’s Postpiles. I’ve only been there once as a child. Every time I’ve wanted to stop by while in the Eastern Sierras as an adult to photography them it’s been closed for Winter! They close pretty early for the season, and open late Spring early Summer when I’m rarely there.

    Maybe I’ll have better luck once I’ve moved to NV and will be closer. 🙂

    Have you been to the Postpiles?

      • Yes, we hope to. We bought a house there in September, and right now it looks like things may be lining up for us to move there early next year.

        I won’t know for sure until late summer probably, but I’m going through my stuff and donating, and tossing a lot to make the move easier when it comes.

  4. Ouch…after similar experiences I adopted the habit of always looking at the key before I lock anything. You photograph brought to mind the Giant’s Causeway of County Antrim, Ireland, another volcanic formation that seems to be a different type.

    • There is a list of all the basalt columns in the world on the Internet….very many of which I have only seen two or three. Yes, looking at the key would have saved the day! 😊

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