13 comments on “A Beach of Shells Sequel

    • . . . at least they weren’t eggs . . .

      When I walk on lava near the shore, I always look out for the tiny snails that are normally underwater but remain attached to the lava during low tide. Not many people do and I cringe whenever I hear the sound of a tiny shell breaking.

      • It’s easy . . . just think of yourself just sitting there minding your own business when a meteor comes down and wipes out you and half the county around you.

        You’ll then be more mindful of anthills, bird nests, and even bugs . . . unless, you know, they’re attacking you. Then, the full wrath of humans will be unleashed upon them!

        Seriously, I’m invading their territory; it doesn’t matter if they’re snails or a beautiful nesting bird. I have to mind my manners.

      • The meteor comparison is a good one, Disperser. I try to be kind to the bugs, but there are a couple that give me the creeps— roaches and silverfish. In the case of those, I have my limits 😊.

      • I have a couple of containers I use to capture bugs within the home so I can relocate them outside . . . but, I too have limits. Very fast bugs and very small bugs are just too much trouble regardless of any compassion I might have . . . I then kill quickly and as mercifully as I can.

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