20 comments on “Arches Aplenty

    • Oh, no! We did a fair amount of walking to get to the arches. At 104, I’d be worried about fainting. I know that’s not what you’d expect to hear an outdoor photographer say 😊.

    • Yeah, we had an umbrella so we’d have portable shade (Melisa would use the umbrella when I’d stop and take photos). Also, lots of water and we stopped often. The longest walk we had that day was 2 miles round trip. What amazed me was the people who were walking around without even a hat.

  1. A safari hat helped, but it was just hot! We were walking on some Namibian dunes, which absorbed a lot of heat. That added to the problem. I must say, I was a little worried about fainting and falling into the hot sand, but I made it through. I’m strange when it comes to heat. Good images though….coming soon :-).

    • Looking forward to them. I’ll compare them to mine . . . perhaps I’ll notice the additional weathering from when we visited. I think their long arch lost a few big chunks a few years ago or at least a part of it did. I remember reading something about it . . . the Landscape Arch. The trail that goes under it is closed now but before it did . . .

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